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saying we'll have bitter fights perhaps debt ceiling shutting down the government, perhaps begun control. they will be tough fights and the american people need to be ready for that. >> john: george, it seemed--what are your thoughts on that before i move on. do you think that was a pretty direct calling out of mitch mcconnell and the republicans? >> yes, look over the next few months we'll we you'll have a big fight over the sequester the funding of the government and the debt ceiling. i think he's trying to pull out the weeds of that because none of it is the soaring lofty rhetoric. i think he's trying to push past that mess to what he would care to do. >> john: alex, after seeing how large a role the hispanic vote played in the 2012 election and how poorly mitt romney played to that demographic. let's not forget his univision appearance what i call gringo star. >> they may need to work out what the messaging is going to be on this site. if they don't you can bet the democrats will use it in the the 2014 midterm. you remember in 2010 when democrats could not get the minority voters out
or the debt ceiling. am i right? they don't sit down and make a decision that the lack of impact to make decisions in your business. >> one thing is a lack of certainty and the things we're certain of for small businesses, and hate to keep beating a dead horse, president obama is one of the job killers in america. and small businesses are going to do everything they possibly can to decrease the head counts. because with head counts comes liabilities with payroll tax and also the obamacare penalties. >> greta: and so, do you have any idea what you're going to do in your business. >> four things that will probably happen with small companies, there's going to be more outsourcing and get less people on the payroll and you don't have to pay increased payroll taxes and don't necessarily subjects to the penalty of obamacare and see a lot of contractors being hired on the 1099's, so once again, they don't add to the head count and a lot of part-time employees, people are not going to hire full-time employees, an equivalent of multiple part-timers making up and back filling for what used to be f
the economy than with the debt ceiling kicking it down the road a few months and say that is a nuclear option kind of thing in the end and getting the president to yield and accept some cuts now that have hanging over his head, t president doesn't want that and. >> megyn: forget this is the job you were hired to do, the only way that you might get senate democrats to vote on a budget they haven't done in almost four years is to hit them in the pocket book. >> well, and a lot of senators are very rich. a lot of millionaires in that club and mark warner probably won't cry any tears losing the weekly check. for some of them that will hurt a lot and this is the important part, it would be humiliating, embarrassing to get your pay docked for not doing the job. the senate will not want to pass legislation like that, since it's attached to the debt ceiling and the president made a big deal out of increasing the debt ceiling it will be hard pressed to block it and hard pressed to delay. as you get closer anxiety over the fight itself as bad as the outcome in some cases. >> of course, the republicans
by the g.o.p.. let's turn to the debt ceiling -- >> oh, we have a debt problem? lou: republicans make a a move to ends the nonsense. i hope you tell me tonight there's no discussion by the republicans whatsoever of shutting down the government, that this is going to stay positive and move forward. >> all i want is spending under control. that's what we campaigned on because we are bankrupting this nation. we cannot continue on this path. lou: congressman, we talked for years. >> sure. lou: i have heard that speech to the point that it makes me think you d't realize while you're in the majority, conservative republicans -- >> thank you. lou: that you don't realize fully that you're in a majority of a house that is only one-third of government. >> oh, listen, i get it, but nothing that raises revenue, nothing that provides money to any part of our government gets there unless the majority in the house pass it. lou: right. >> lou, that's leverage to bring spending under control. we've just finished two years where every fight we came up to, we were told, you know what? this is probably n
on the markets and the debt ceiling you saw every time we extend the debt ceiling the markets pretty much went up which they have done last several times, you would say, okay, this is how we get the stock market to go up. that is crazy thing. melissa: why, why? why does that happen? is it that people trading in the market can't see we will ever have to pay this bill down the road? why does the market rally when this happens? >> i think it is twofold. one of the things that happens, melissa, it absolutely destroys the dollar. if you're an s&p company trying to sell your goods overseas it actually helps you that the dollar goes down in value because the foreign purchasers have more purchasing power to buy your goods. you but it is a dangerous game to, well, let's pass the debt ceiling extension but deal with it the next time. we were here in august of 2011. we had the "gang of six", we had the super-committee, all these smart people that were supposed to come up with a resolution how we're not getting back to this spot and guess what? we're here. melissa: absolutely. dennis i will kick it back to y
on a plan to raise that debt ceiling. republicans hinting they may be ready to back down from the demand that any deal include a deep spending cut to medicare and other programs. >>> niners fans planning their trip to the super bowl in new orleans. if you thiare thinking of joini them, flights will run $1,200 to $2,000 for super bowl weekend. >> those hotel rooms were gone a long time ago. >> thank you for being with us. we'll be back at 7:25 with our first local update during the "today" show where al roker is a star now. >> if you haven't seen it. it's worth another look. al rocker, shining moment during the inauguration getting serious love from joe biden. >> mr. vice president, how are you doing? come on. come on. >> whoa. >> yes! i'm done. >> brilliant. great stuff. beautiful way to send you off. enjoy it. enjoy the sunshine. >>> good morning. day one. the hard work of president obama's second term begins today, after a grand celebration of his second inaugural, where michelle obama's red stole the show. >>> deep freeze, temperatures plunging into the teens, single digits and even b
the republicans were down and out. think again, the house will vote for a three-month ceiling on the debt seen and comes with a price. g.o.p. leaders said they would vote for the extension, but that the measure would also require the democratic controlled senate to pass a budget and if ne do ththey fail that, pay for lawmakers will be withheld. and we've got to look at the house and spending problem. no budget, no pay. joining me now with reaction. congressman david schweiker and walldon. i was skeptical when i heard the republicans are giving in already. i had a couple of discussions this weekend, and some of your colleagues, explain the rational. number within, they say sequestration that's cuts are going into effect and force the president and senate to come one a budget and the senate didn't pass a budget in three and a half years. i liked it more when it was explained to me. is that about right. >> i think it is, sean and about time the senate did the legal responsibility of passing the budget we passed one each the last two years we'ven been in the majority. the ryan plan laid out how to
in the senate are on board with it. they are talking about it regarding the debt ceiling when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> on our website as well, >> i'll take that, including beyonce, she sang the national an them. >>> they are hoping to be led to the suspect involved in the robbery. three people were able to escape from the store after the shooting from the bullet proof glass. >>> they are deciding whether to approve a consulting contract for bradden. they don't like that he stopped to frisk tactics. but in a letter, they praised him and they said racial profiling will not be tolerated. if approved they will pay his consulting firm $200,000. >>> they set off a hollywood bidding war. the movie called fruit veil, they are now all bidding for the film and the drama was written by newcomer ryan cougeller, and it chronicles the shooting from four years ago on the bart station. >>> they will put bike stations around marin and riders could borrow them for short trips. the first bike program will start this summer with stations from san francisco to
in the house tomorrow that would allow us to raise the debt ceiling. republicans said they didn't want to do that without cutting back spending. the president didn't want the two linked and republicans apparently have relinquished that threat and pushed for the raising the debt ceiling temporarily into the spring to pay bills. they also say if either chamber doesn't come up with a permanent budget, that chamber, either the house or senate, the lawmakers won't get paid. we'll see how that vote goes later today. the president laid out a number of things including climate change, gay rights, health care immigration, and it remains to be seen how much of that they will be able to tackle in the second term. >> he better eat his wheaties. time to get done. thank you very much. >>> happening now, fire crews are battling to contain a fire at beale air force base about 50 miles north of sacramento. the fire has been burning for hours. this is what it looked like just last night. firefighters say they now have the fire about 75% contained. it broke out about 2:30 yesterday afternoon inside a building
about putting forward a bill that rolls the debt ceiling out, suspend it for awhile. will the president go along with that? >> yeah. the white house indicated he's at least not going to try to block it m i think they preferred a long term clean debt limit, and we talked before here that the real preference would be for, you know, the congress to step back from its role in the debt limit, but i think they are going to go along with what house republicans are doing here. there's question as so whether senate democrats are going to do a budget. chuck schumer who is in the democratic leadership in the senate suggested over the weekend that they were, in fact, going to do a budget, that they had plans to do one all along. i believe it when i see it. gerri: so little credibility on the issue. i mean, four years, four long years with the senate on its hands the whole time. aren't they just a little embarrassed about that? >> you know, i would think so. i think this goes to presidential leadership. this is something we didn't hear from the president yesterday. there were actually four sentences
of months, we talk about the debt ceiling, what good is a ceiling if you keep raising it and you don't make spending cuts to keep yourself under that number? it has no purpose. >> neil: i want to take a look at the corner of wall and broad. many argue the reason why it was up 62 points is the fact that, whew -- it's a relief they won't bring this to the brink. i would think cooler heads, wruns they prevail, they may not like -- democrats and republicans -- essentially, punted on this. and they just delayed making the tough choices. >> for some reason, obama and the senate democrats have gotten away with an extraordinary amount of nonsense. they haven't put forth a budget -- >> neil: they say they will and include tax hikes. >> will it make significant cuts or will it be the baseline budgeting? -- [overlapping dialogue] jierks do you think -- >> neil: do you think they are going to see through this -- that is the markets? >> yeah, i think they are going to kick the can down the road. i don't know, i mean, republicans seem to think they need to cave to get the fireworks on the left -- >> neil
starts tomorrow. i know you're watch and waiting to see the debt ceiling argument and what the rhetoric is around that. that will be the first salvo of how they frame this new conversation with the new and improved barack obama 2.0. >> let me ask by medicare and social security. >> please. >> there's. >> what would you like to know? >> there was a lot of talk during the latest round -- the last round of negotiations as to whether republicans actually wanted a grand bargain, asking whether democrats wanted a grand bargain, and the answer was perhaps. the white house was happy to let the republicans put cuts to medicare and social security on the table and not have to own that. the president issued a defense of those programs yesterday, and already you're seeing ken mccarthy this morning saying republicans in the house are trying to protect these programs. has he, in effect, put them on defense now with those programs? >> it's not just that he has. one thing we do in washington is we love listening to presidential speeches and arguing over them. >> as we are doing. >> as we are doing. we
is reached. tomorrow, the house will vote on increasing the debt ceiling so the u.s. can pay its bills through may. if congress approves, pressure falls on senate democrats to pass their first budget in four years. without one there could be a partial government shut down at the end of march. congressman mike honda is making a pitch. i will explain his proposal when i see you next. back to you. >> thank you. >>> great economic news just coming in right now. u.s. home sales rose to a five- year high last year. that should bode well for the markets. dow jones is down a little bit. right now, the nasdaq also down, but the s&p s&p, posting a little bit of a -- but the s&p posting a little bit of a gain. >>> >>> a young girl is dead, several others injured after a strong earthquake rocked western indonesia. the 5.9 quake struck in the area prove vern overnight. the aftershock came about 27 minutes later. several homes were damaged and a young girl was found dead in her home buried up some trouble. in 2004, you may -- rubble. in 2004, you may remember an earthquake hit that same area trigger
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)